Sharpes Gordon

Caring deeply about how one’s rig looks while one is cold and not catching steelhead, one bought this old clicker salmon reel for one’s River of Presidents two-hander.

It’s been around the block. I think it’s from the 1960s, before Sharpes was bought by Farlow – someone please correct me (preferably in a Scottish accent) if I’m wrong.

I was able to clean most of what is probably decades’ worth of decomposed backing and PVC spooge off the insides of the spools. Also reversed the pawl and spring for left hand retrieve.

Scuffs = juju? Scuffs = old, beat up shit? You can argue it both ways. But I also enjoy pretty much all kinds of gear.

I love the brute, reductive simplicity of the clicker. I love the notion of a bent piece of metal knocking against another, wedge-shaped of metal as the only technological brake on a fall-run Superior fish that lately set out to remove a sculpin, goby, or smelt from its respective gene pool. The air-raid siren screech of a steelhead making a run against 50-year old Scottish aluminum and steel on a cold, foggy morning in a red-mud valley alone on a run …

As Professor Cheeseburger said to me: “wait til it starts barking.”

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